What Are the Benefits of a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are uniquely manufactured blankets with extra weight in them. The most common material used to increase the pressure is plastic bead since it is easy to disperse inside and create balance. Even with the added weight, it does not mean that it is all too heavy for young people and kids to enjoy its benefits. There are weighted blankets for kids that offer similar benefits.

So, why use a weighted blanket and what is it for?

First, there is a widespread consensus on the positive effect of a weighted blanket when it comes to people who have trouble sleeping as well as individuals who suffer from anxiety. In kids, the use of the weighted blanket is the most convenient and non-invasive way of helping them fall asleep. The calming and relaxing effect of the weight, like when someone is hugging the child, helps in improving sleeping patterns at a young age.

Furthermore, adults will benefit from weighted blankets, including those who have insomnia and anxiety issues. Children with autism spectrum will significantly benefit from weighted blankets for kids since they can use it as the alternative to their inability to tolerate the physical touch of a person like the parents or anyone. A child with autism spectrum has trouble sleeping because they are sensory-seeking and will need stimulation. The problem is they cannot endure the likes of hugs and squeezes that healthy kids crave. With the help of the weighted blanket, a child in the autism spectrum will get a calming touch he or she needs.

It also is worthy of mention that children on the spectrum are not the only ones who will benefit from weighted blankets. The truth is it helps all children of different ages. For instance, countless parents have reported that their kids eventually developed a much better sleeping habit after letting them use the weighted blanket. The ones who took advantage the most were those who were moody, insomniac, and anxious.

Thanks to the pressure that the blanket applies to the skin, the body’s sensory systems get stimulated, which in turn positively affects the brain. The brain will release neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which are responsible for improving the mood of the person and inducing a calming effect. It is how the concept of a weighted blanket works. Scientists call it the deep touch pressure, which they say is responsible for calming the nervous system without the need to take any drug or medicine.

Weighted blankets can help anyone who has trouble sleeping, but you also must know that their benefits are more than just an aid for improved sleep. The calming effect via DTP will help adults relax when they need it the most.