Feet Issues Caused by Flat Feet

Flat feet occurs when the arch on the underside of the foot collapses. It causes the foot to flatten out. When you have flat feet, the entire sole of your foot touches the ground when you are walking. This condition is painless, but it can lead to problems with your feet in the long run, majorly with the alignment of the other structures of the foot. If you have a flat-foot, the right thing to do is visit SA podiatry clinic and get professional help. Podiatrists have all it takes to handle flat-foot problems and so you will get the best solutions. Not treating flat-foot problem can cause the following:


Heel Strain


Strain in a critical ligament in the heel is a likely problem that can occur from walking with fallen arches. Plantar fascia provides support to the bones that make up the back of the foot. As you walk, the ligament stretches. Flat foot causes an abnormal alignment of the foot. It means when you walk; the ligament strains to compensate. Eventually, that strain causes damage to the plantar fascia ligament.




A bunion is a swelling that forms at the base of the big toe. Flat feet can cause the first metatarsal bone to shift. The shifting will be gradual. It may take years for the alignment to change in the toe. As the toe pushes outward, you will start noticing the head of the metatarsal bone pressing against the skin. It is the first stage of bunion formation.


Hammer Toes


Hammer toes come into being the same way as bunions. The fallen arches cause misalignment of the toes. When the bones push upwards, the middle joint can move out of alignment. The friction from the shoes rubbing against that joint causes corns to form and eventually a hammer toe.


Tendon Inflammation


Tendons are usually thick cords that attach muscle to the bones. When this fibrous tissue is irritated, it can easily swell. This condition is tendonitis. With tendonitis, you will feel a sharp pain whenever you try to put weight on your feet. If you have flat feet, tendonitis can be a severe problem. Repeated incidents of tendon inflammation result in damage to the muscles and connective tissue of the foot.


Keep in mind that flat feet will develop in time. Therefore, it is wise to visit SA podiatry clinic regularly or at least ones every year. By paying your podiatry doctor regular visits, you will know when such a problem is developing and get the best remedies before they get worse. Sometimes the podiatrist may recommend the use of orthotics depending on the severity of the problem. With professional help, you can effortlessly deal with flat feet problems.