Save Money with Novated Lease Arrangements

In this competitive world, businesses need to take advantage of every edge they can find. One way to do this is considering using novated lease. Many experts agree that using a novated lease can save businesses money as well as reduce the paperwork needed for tax purposes related to the vehicles used in the company. However, how can a company know how much they can save? The answer is straightforward, all they need to do is to visit a novated lease website and use the free online novated lease calculator Adelaide.

Visitors can use the online novated lease calculator Adelaide and calculate how much money they can save with a novated lease when they decide to purchase their dream car. In a nutshell, a novated contract is a form of salary packaging. It is an excellent way to acquire a business vehicle.

After visitors have calculated their savings, can then make an inquiry about a new car in Australia. The results of these actions are mailed instantly, and the email will include a complete breakdown of all the savings associated with a novated lease. Most online novated lease calculators are free, and so you need not pay anything.

For those new to novated lease agreements, a full novated lease is an arrangement in which all of the operating costs of the car are included as part of the employee’s salary package. The operating costs can consist of the following:

  • Lease rental
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Fuel and oil
  • Registration
  • Tyres
  • Roadside assistance
  • Insurance

However, when it comes to fully novated leases, there are several important features that you need to know:

Fixed Residual. The lease provider sets the residual and is calculated using ATO depreciation guidelines. Package options allow you to choose to choose from partly maintained or fully maintained selection. Opt for flexible repayments that can be adjusted immediately if usage or running costs decrease or increase.

You should get a fuel card that is valid anywhere. For example, a Visa Card is accepted.

Complete info and details on the various types of novated leases can be found online. Access to most of these sites is free, and the sites are easy to navigate and understand which means that using the online novated lease calculator Adelaide and knowing how every detail works will not be a problem. Also, by visiting such sites, you can as well benefit from other valuable information concerning this money-saving lease arrangement. Why spend more on your car when you can take a novated lease deal? Use online calculators today and know how much you can save before you go for the transaction. For more information about novated lease arrangements, go to this page.