5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Net Wrap

It’s currently springtime here in Australia, which means it’s also hay season! Are you looking to purchase the best net wrap for harvesting your fresh bales? If your answer is yes, then we’ve got some essential tips for you to consider when choosing the best net wrap for harvesting and storing purposes:



1.) Determine the Size of the Net Wrap

The primary thing you need to think about is the size of the net wrap you’re going to use. Do you prefer a large round bale net wrap or a small square one? Determining the size will also help you decide whether you want a round or square wrap. Keep in mind that the type of net wrap you’re going to choose will affect the amount of horsepower you’ll need, so you might want to determine your tractors capacity before making your final decision.


2.) Determine Its Ease of Use

If you’re pressed for time, choose the type of net wrap that offers increased capacity, allowing you to bale faster. This variant can prove useful for more significant hay baling operations. When talking to your bale dealer, ask how easy it is to run a net bale wrap behind your tractor and handle a bale. That way, you can adequately assess the amount of effort you’ll have to put into on your baling work.


3.) Twine or Net Wrap?

Net wraps aren’t the only option for wrapping bales. You can choose between a net wrap and baler twine. Each variant does the same purpose yet have each of their distinct features and upsides. If you’re storing bales in the outdoors, then a net wrap would be the better choice. But if you’re storing your bale indoors, then you can use either twine or net wrap. We recommend you choose the latter since it’s more all-around compared to a twine.



4.) The Best Time to Purchase a Net Wrap

There isn’t the ‘perfect’ time to purchase a net wrap. You can essentially purchase a net wrap anytime you want; just as long as you’re not buying too much. It’s essential that you only purchase the right amount of net wrap to ensure that you are using new and not old, stored net wraps in every operation.


5.) Purchase Only From Trusted Manufacturers

It doesn’t matter what net wrap you choose as long as it’s from a reliable manufacturer that’s available directly in your area and also has a good dealer reputation.


Buy Now!

Purchasing the best net wrap may not be as simple as what most would perceive, but it’s not rocket science. You can acquire the best net wrap by following these five tips. So choose wisely and start looking for the ideal net wrap today.