How Long Can A Christmas Ham Last?

The Christmas ham is the highlight in the table during the festive season. It’s a dish that everyone looks forward to Stockinette Ham Bagseating on Christmas day. Because of its demand, people often buy it early to avoid the Christmas rush. They also buy some handy stockinette ham bags to wrap these babies up and store them in the fridge until the day they are ready to be cooked and served. However, as the days tick by, one would wonder, “How long can this tasty cured piece of hock last?”


Some of the most excellent Australian butchers have provided an answer to that question. According to them, a good ham should last for about two to three weeks; that’s if the cooker looks after it.


Make Use of the Right Ham Bags


Looking after a cured ham is all about keeping it moist and tender. You can use either calico or stockinette ham bags to make that happen. You can also maintain the moisture of the hock by dipping it in a solution consisting of water and vinegar to help preserve its juices. After four days, you should rinse the pork and repeat the process for another good four days until the time you cook it.



Keep it Frozen


It’s also crucial to place your ham in the coldest portion of your fridge. Putting it anywhere will cause chilling inconsistency which will significantly affect the taste of the meat once cooked.


DO NOT Leave It Outside Your Fridge


Not freezing your ham can also be a potential health risk. People often leave the meat out of the fridge for an extended period, which is dangerous since outside elements can significantly hinder the ham’s freshness. So, if you’re not going to cook the entirety of the meat, then make sure you cut a small portion and then throw it back to the freezer again. A cured ham freezes well, so take that to your advantage to keep it clean and fresh.


It’s All about How You Store It


All in all, the longevity of your ham depends on how you treat it. If you don’t keep it inside one of those stockinette bags available in the market, or if you keep it out of your freezer for extended periods, it’s guaranteed not to last longer than it should. So keep in mind with how you store your ham, and it will last for more than its usual two to three weeks.