What to Know About Portable Evaporative Coolers

Portable evaporative coolers are ideal when it comes to beating the heat if you’re residing in a hot and dry climate area and are looking out for some affordable cooling system — the Bonaire evaporative cooler work by using either direct or indirect evaporative cooling technology. What makes portable evaporative coolers more attractive and useful is that you do not need to install them permanently like other AC systems. You can carry these portable evaporative coolers from one place to another depending on your cooling needs.


Requirements For Portable Coolers

Before you consider a portable evaporative cooler, it is essential to know how good the AC system can satisfy your needs. The mobile networks are suitable for rooms that are small in size. For good results, you need to position them near windows and doors. The opposite side of the place where you install the AC system needs to have an opening for air circulation. You should pour water at regular intervals as the water consumption rate can go up to three to four litres per house. It is also wise to look for models that have variable fan speed and a water level gauge.


Workings of Evaporative Coolers

The Bonaire evaporative cooler offers a natural way if cooling the room temperature by supplying a constant flow of fresh and cold air to keep you and your family comfortable during summer. Since these AC units are next to an open door or window, they draw outside clean air and make it pass through moisture-rich pads. This process filters and cools warm air which is then circulated uniformly in the room. The fresh cold air getting into the room flushes out the damp hot air through the open window or door.


Due to the portable feature, you cannot control the water level by connecting them to the main water supply. You have to regulate the water level at regular intervals manually.


Maintaining Your Portable Cooler

Extreme humid conditions will decrease the cooling capability of the evaporative AC systems. Moreover, humidity speeds up corrosion of the cooling system and shorten its lifespan. Ensure that your portable Bonaire evaporative cooler has a regular supply of water to keep the pads moist. Water softeners decrease mineral content in water and using one means making sure that no mineral sediments accumulate on the wet pads. You, as well ensure that you have a proper filtering system to restrict pollens and odours from getting into your room. The water system requires protection against freeze bursting during the winters. With the low cost of installation and an affordable running price, evaporative coolers are a blessing to those with a limited budget.