Signs You Need to Call Pest Control

One of the significant home projects that should never be handled on your own is pest control. Exterminating pests is a critical job that needs professional attention. It is unlike fixing broken windows and doors, performing some bathroom remodelling or even kitchen improvement wherein you can do it by yourself through watching DIY videos. You must understand that your only responsibility as a property owner in this scenario is to learn or recognise some of the signs that there is an infestation and then call the services of an Adelaide pest control expert.


1 – There already is damage to your property.


Gnawing on furniture, rugs, walls or clothing are some signs that your property is already infested with some pests. Also, if you notice some pencil-thin tunnels running along your walls including chewed wiring, well it might be the time to seek help from professional pest controllers.


Pest infestation will affect not only your home but also your fashion style. Admittedly, it is depressing to toss out your stylish and favourite sweater after a mouse chews it. Aside from that, one of the leading causes of fire is rodent-gnawed wires. Plus, termite and carpenter ant damage can make the very structure of your house unsafe. Therefore, if your main priority is your family’s safety, don’t hesitate to call a professional pest controller.



2 – You notice the presence of droppings and urine.


Undoubtedly, there are mice and rats in your property if you notice rodent droppings or wet urine spots in your house most especially on your kitchen or pantry. Cockroach droppings are smaller compared to others and look like ground pepper which is sometimes hard for you to see. This pest carries deadly diseases that bring health concerns to both humans and pets. Thus, if you want these health damaging pests to be out of your property, call a pest controller immediately.


3 – There are unusual scratching and rattling sounds.


If you are staying in a haunted house or a horror movie, it is normal to hear some rustling sound or scratching on the walls and ceiling, however, if you are not, pests that have invaded your home is undoubtedly the primary reason behind. If you are lying in bed at night and hear scampering across your ceiling or along the walls, undoubtedly there are rodents present in your property or either destructive carpenter ants and termites. Don’t wait until this pest damage your property before giving action; it would be best to tap the services of a pest control expert immediately once you hear some rustling sounds.


4- You see large rodents nearby.


Not only mice and rats can invade your building, but rodents such as squirrels can also break into your house. These terrified animals can cause significant damage to both your home and you if they are trapped. Gladly, Adelaide pest control can quickly deal with these occasional invaders since they are both educated and equipped with the necessary tools.